Donation Drive: Eruption of Mt. Bulusan (Sorsogon, Philippines) – July 2022

With the assistance of Madam Kapitana of Tiris Gubat Sorsogon, TPG Foundation was able to send some much-needed supplies to one of the impacted regions in Sorsogon in the previous month of July 2022.

The sum of all donated necessities is as follows: 

Total of Donated Essentials:
😷 48 Boxes of Face Mask
☕ 10 Dozens of Milo
☕ 10 Dozens of 3IN1 Coffee Mix Twin Packs

“Go out of your way to help people. Few things in life are as satisfying. Be nice to strangers. Be nice even when it doesn’t matter. – Sam Altman”

TPG Foundation: “Don’t Turn Away, Give Today!”

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