R.A. 10028: Expanded Breastfeeding Act

What is R.A. 10028 in a nutshell?

To simplify, it’s an expanded law requiring:

1) Workplaces, transportation, and other institutions such as malls must provide moms with secure access to breastfeed their children.

2) Set up milk banks to store breastmilk supplied by moms that has been pasteurized. The breastmilk will be delivered to children in the newborn intensive care unit whose mothers are critically unwell.

3) Educating moms on the importance of healthy breastfeeding techniques and providing support to ensure its continuation.

There is more, but the following points are the most important aspects of the bill. Breastfeeding is strongly advocated because the nutritional benefits to your child are unparalleled.

Due to the obstacles, many moms struggle to breastfeed their newborns, and only a few are able to exclusively nurse their children. The stress of going through the lengths of agony, sleepless nights, and other causes contribute to the majority of mothers succumbing to the alternative, formula milk. Every mother is unique, and we have no idea how much perseverance they must muster on this journey.
During this period of transition, it is critical that they seek assistance from their doctor or a family member to examine potential issues early on.

Because we spend so much time on the internet, using your googliness to find the proper information in troubleshooting is a smart strategy. Just remember to use validated information and avoid do-it-yourself solutions.

Click on this page for more details about the expanded bill. Let’s support this bill as we strongly believe that every mother has the right to safe breastfeeding, supplies, and information.

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