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In times of crisis, help is more than an act of kindness and compassion. For those who are inflicted with such damage, fear, wound, and medical challenges, we as humans need to do more as our capacity to provide can bring the power of hope. The TPG Family wants to create a space where the voices of the unheard, be heard and reach wider audiences to spread its awareness. Every day, we are met with challenges with uncertainties of survival and the extension of help is the only way to make a difference in these situations. The TPG Family hopes to bring more assistance to those needed as we believe this value deserves to be taken with great respect and action.

We cannot do this alone and your support can bring wonders to these campaigns. At this time, we do not accept any form of payment but you may gladly contribute directly to the parent or respondent for your donations. If you are in dire need of help and wish to set up a campaign, do not hesitate to reach the supportive channels departments at

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